How to be a Good Housewife
Project info

The series of work, How to be a Good Housewife, was born from an array of aspects in my life. The all female, Catholic high school I attended was deeply rooted in pro-feminism beliefs and I grew to be a very independent young lady. My mother had a daycare in our home in order to stay home and raise me, and once I had a child of my own, I could not imagine not being there for every second of his young life. Being married to a Marine often shifts most, if not all, household responsibilities onto the spouse, especially in times of war, deployments, schooling, and training. I felt very conflicted being this independent feminist and a stay at home mom at the same time. I began researching housewife etiquette from the 1940’s and 1950’s, and used that as a jumping point for my work. I feel this work symbolizes the internal struggle women feel in finding their place and role in home and society. Women have increasing responsibilities in the world, many have to work to help support their families, but are often expected to prepare the meals, wash the clothes, and be the primary parent in child-rearing.