A study of life and decay
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From castle to croft. A study of life and decay

The exquisite, wild and natural landscape of Argyll, rich with hidden treasures, textured with layer upon layer of history and inhabited by spirits of times long past, provides the backdrop to a shared love of a unique place and a collaborative work.

Stylist/set designer Sara Qualter and photographer Bill Baillie love discovering hidden and often long forgotten locations, from castle to crofting dwelling, and share a thirst to understand the lives that were enjoyed, the struggles, the joy, industry, opulence and frivolity, that those physical places were witness to.

To look at such a place, in the death throes of decay, with so much now lost to living memory, one initially considers only the remaining bricks and mortar, the frailty and futility of our fragile human life and the overwhelming power of time and nature.
But Sara & Bill, wish to provoke the viewer to look closer; hint at the layers upon layers of history hidden beneath the surface, suggest fleeting shadows of life, within these once vibrant walls. Reality is, after all, simply appearance to mind!