Imperia Obscura
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Electricity is flow. And flow is information, transition, bombardment. In fact we speak about a procedure of transmission of data. In his theoretical approaches, Georg Simmel is observing the metropolitan areas, because of the huge informational flow, as "areas under attack". "The Airport" is an examination of the forms of urban diffusion, from south to north, from the ground to sky. To depict the escalating war of information, the selected technique takes advantage of specific photographic technology limits: the 3 stop slide film range, the material errors and the long time exposures in order to give the metaphor of bombardment.
Electrical network is the nervous system of modern inhabitation. The nowadays cities are vast, immense and complex forms of developments. The night gives an opportunity to the Photographic Media to record the urban diffusion, the metropolitan flow, the conditions of contemporary habitance. This recording may be able to help us understand some of the nowadays urban phenomenon. "The Airport" is a project based on film (chemical) technology to record an electric digital phenomenon. It is a metaphor on the photographic development itself.
"The Airport" is a story about a girl,
a girl you forgot you loved.