Down to Earth / THE GRAVEYARD
Project info

By shifting perspectives, Down To Earth focuses on territory markings and the topographical residue imparted by human recreation. It’s constitutes a return to landscape portraiture, albeit one alluding to the new Americana while addressing humanity’s shifting virtual horizon.

Easy access to a proliferation of satellite images give the common man an illusion of ubiquity and control. Navigating map applications causes every man to imagine himself a developer, a public works engineer, a politician, etc. Every man acquires a god complex. And yet every man is rendered all the more powerless as these same technologies, which he imagines himself controlling, control him as commodity, aggregating data based on his interactions.

Down To Earth is comprised of four series, classified by topographical typologies: Plane Graveyards(The Graveyard), Baseball Fields(The Ball Field), Iregation Fields(prêt-à-porter) and Golf Courses(The Playground).
Certain works have been produced as unique pigmented monotypes, acrylic paint, oil stick and chulk while others have been printed and mounted on wood boxes.