Unfolding: A Conversation About Union Street
Project info

This project is an examination of an iconic street in Seattle that is a metaphor for all urban streets in transition. Union Street at its Eastern point overlooks Lake Washington and runs West to Elliott Bay and the commercial core of Seattle. An accordion book was created with documentary style photographs and conceptual drawings made by artist David Traylor. The independent photographs were made as portraits to memorialize what else lives near the intersections highlighted in the "Unfolding" portable book. A series of these photographs are posted here with three from the book and an installation photograph. The exhibition was seen at Gallery 110 in Seattle and an adaptation of it is at the Central Cinema on 21st and East Union through the end of 2015. There are more photographs than shown here and more to be taken in 2016 to catch up with the developments on this street. This portfolio will be expanded or updated at that time here or on my website... http://www.susangans.com.