Enduring Peripheries
Project info

In my work paper is the material, and the subject. Folding and manipulating paper photographs, I investigate the possibilities of a photograph as an object, and examine how its materiality can contribute to our understanding of the picture. The nature of seeing and perception, the relationship between object, space and camera are the central issues in my work and paper takes the role of the mediator among those three components.
Architecture is first created on paper, to be then embodied into solid material. By photographing the landscape of Boston’s periphery, I bring its architecture back to paper. My photographs can prolong its life, or they can give it a new life. By making new structures out of my
photographs and re-photographing them again I, perhaps, fulfill what I gave up doing as an architect. Just as Paper Architects created projects, that were never meant to be built, I build an
imagined reality with an intention to bring back to the viewer the joy of looking at the things we are surrounded by and take for granted, things that are the stage sets of our lives.