Para Todos?/// For All?
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Life is not exactly a democracy. What is good is not available for all of us. Beauty is not for all. Health is not for all. Education is not for all. Love is not for all. Happiness is not for all. Even food or fresh air is not for all. There is a kind of aristocracy of good things in our lives. What is really for all, that we could be sure for all of us, for each one, the one that always comes, is the death. Our mortality define us. This is the opinion of someone who already saw the death's face. I did. She is beautiful, calm and has sad eyes. A tenuous road separate us. We will meet each other again someday. She depends on our mortality to exist. Our body will feed her. We are both mortal, considering that she will no longer exist if I refuse to die. However, I am not special enough for that. The abstraction of time makes us oscillate between these two worlds. “Somente a morte é certeira”, say native people in Brazil. This essay is an uncertain dance with the death's presence.

Michelle Bastos took those pictures after survived a serious car accident and spent some moments without be sure of alived. When she listened her own breathing. She photographed an actress acting her own death, according that experience.