Moore, Oklahoma Tornado Aftermath
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In May 2013, I took a tour with a storm chasing company. We met in Oklahoma City and spent most of our week tracking storms in western Texas. We saw amazing cloud formations, lightning storms, funnels dipping from the clouds, marble-sized hail, and passed through a flash flood in Crane, Texas. The one thing we didn't see was a tornado.

Two days after the tour ended, on May 20, Moore, Oklahoma was hit by an EF5 tornado . I was visiting my brother in northern Texas, and on May 24, I drove back to Moore and spent two days photographing the zone of destruction. The people were very friendly and appreciated all of the help they were receiving. The tornado was on the ground for 39 minutes and covered 17 miles and at times was over a mile wide. It had peak winds of 210 miles per hour and killed 24 people including 7 children.