Project info

I've been photographing in small, local woods for a couple of years now, mostly during the winter months when they take on kind of musical form which I find really interesting. This series of work is quite instinctive. I'm simply looking at features and forms that suggest something of the mystery and stillness that I feel there.

The later images in this collection were those made during the first year when I played with textures and layers in post-production to get across a sense of surface and give the image itself a tangible quality beyond that of the subject it represents.
In the second year I wanted to simplify the images so I took with me into the woods a 2-meter panel fitted with a medium grey cloth to use as a background. In this way I could isolate the subject from it's context and concentrate on shapes and forms. I've been looking a lot at 19th century Japanese sketches and I love their tones and use of empty space (which is not really empty) so I'm kind of influenced by that in this series.

Anyway, it's not finished yet. I want to continue shooting with the grey background during the summer to see how things change.