Life cycles: turtles
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Methodically turtles come to the beaches to lay hundreds of eggs, bury them in the ground, crying in trance and returned to sea, leaving hundreds of loved on the beach, where return to lay their eggs, but travel the world.
Buena Vista in Playa Samara, Costa Rica Central Pacific, there is a hidden turtle camp that was founded by Roy and fellow lover of turtles and the ecosystem. They led to a turtle camp Asvo associated with time, in which spawning comprehensive monitoring, maintenance is ...
As well as elsewhere around the Pacific, the Caribbean, Costa Rica, Panama, Nicaragua, ... each according to the budget for such work.
In Panama, Bocas del Toro, in the Cayo shoe II, rangers monitor and control daily the arrival of turtles.
The fight takes place between protecting turtles and poachers who steal the eggs and even kill the entire turtle, to traffic with them, this being an inappropriate luxury and increasingly nonexistent.
Patrols, temperature control, control nests .... everything a comprehensive to protect the existence of these ancestral beings in the most natural way possible to avoid distorting the cycle track.
Every day that passes, turtles lose existence in this world and its destiny is more uncertain by the action of man.

Thanks to people involved with nature and its ecosystem, as Roy, Dorain, William, Ranger and many national and international volunteers, and many many people ... continued protection is achieved.