Project info

Dance, to me, is about movement rather than select few peak moments that are frozen in amber. Greta Hodgkinson gave me an opportunity to capture her movement during her wonderful Disarmed performance in Providence. Instead of photographing at higher shutter speeds to capture her frozen in time, after a few such photographs I decided to use longer exposures, 4-5 seconds. In addition to capturing her movement over time, these photographs also manifest a sense of unpredictability. As I released the shutter I had no idea what would happen in the next 4-5 seconds. Yet, her movements, predictable or not, possess so much energy, grace, and movement. Some photographs may evoke a feeling of an out-of-body experience, she is standing and laying down; moving yet still; and in all, she is wonderful.

Try to imagine her movements set to the music of Philip Glass, Metamorphosis IV as you view the photographs