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Many times I have driven from Madrid to Bilbao and back by car. Several years ago I started to notice at about half way, in Castille, a nice lonely tree in the middle of a flat and extensive field. Sometimes there would be green wheat in the field, sometimes it was yellow wheat, and some others it was just the ploughed up soil or green grass. But the tree was always there, lonely and elegant to the point of arrogance.
Then one day I decided to stop and make a picture of the tree in its solitude. On later journeys I went farther afield. To my great surprise and joy I found that not far from the highway I had reached the entrance to another world: Silence was silence. Not even the wind dared to make noise. And the lands (tierras, in Spanish) laid there by themselves with nothing or nobody to disturb them.
I have been photographing the aerea for several years. Here you can see a selection of my work.