Forest of Misty Vision
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Lake Shirakawa in Yamagata Prefecture, Japan, exists in a heavy snowfall area, and water flows in from many rivers in April when the snow begins to thaw. During the month from the end of winter to early summer, Lake Shirakawa is filled with thawed water, and trees named "Yukiyanagi" grow in clusters, revealing submerged forests. The color of the water of a lake filled with thaw water changes like light blue or light green. Surrounded by mountains, a thick fog peculiar to the area is generated, showing an even more fantastic landscape.

Lake Shirakawa was originally a river, but it is located at the uppermost stream of the Shirakawa Dam, which was constructed for the purpose of flood control. The submerged forest of Lake Shirakawa is a scene created by the benefit of the Shirakawa Dam being filled with melted snow.
Dams have the benefit of preventing flood damage, but they are also causing environmental destruction.
Dams block the run-up and movement of aquatic life such as mountain stream fish,
Sediment that was supposed to flow with a large amount of meltwater does not flow downstream and accumulates in the river. Then, the bottom of the river is gradually filled with sand, and many aquatic organisms are deprived of their homes.

Changing nature to make it easier for people to live is
It leads to more or less environmental destruction.

The beauty of Lake Shirakawa is so beautiful that it goes against this fact.
What is right is not always right.
Facts are mysterious.