The Ongoing Moment
Project info

A photographic project born in the time, analyzing my archive, discovering continuously pictures of great photographers never seem before. When I have took interest in photography, I had the fortune to read Geoff Dyer's book "The Ongoing Moment". the concept that he expressed about the relationships between some themes and objects that come back, every time the same, in pictures framed by different eyes and in different times, without toubt both fascinated and struck me.
Dyer, analyzing and commenting on photography, dialogues with famous and less noted artists (Alfred Stieglitz, Paul Strand, André Kertész, Diane Arbus, Dorothea Lange, Walker Evans, William Eggleston…).
He questions them, he explores their thoughts and investigate their lives. With main idea, those he was not able to meet in person, he dialogues with virtually through their very works and through the very same moments.
My photographic project that I intend to present, not ultimate yet, for infinite possibility rediscover moment already seen and caught by others, confirms the relationship that Dyer points out with authoritativeness in his book. Have had unknowingly a similar look to other photographers of the past I have amazed me certainly, It has not been, for my part, a focused research or the desire to copy famous and less noted photos, bur only rediscover occasionally usual moments, that they seem to confirm the leading line of the Dyer’s book. Giving value to his pages who have given so much about my personal growth and to my way of thinking the photography.