valley of memories
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Valley of memories.
Fire has both the power to put our minds at ease and to draw out our primal survival instinct.
In Japan there are many festivals dedicated to using fire as a means of worship. Fire is used during these ancient rituals to purify prayers and to thank the Gods and our ancestors for our peaceful way of life.

The ceremonies have an underlying function of enabling people to endure hardships by sharing their joys, pains, and prosperity together. In addition, it makes Japanese people appreciate the connection that we, as humans, share with nature and each other.

Staring into the fire, we become aware of the emptiness within our hearts. Fire gives us the power to remain calm in the face of great calamities and changes our perspective in regards to our personal dilemmas.

Praying in front of large festival bonfires, our hearts swell up spontaneously, as if we have the power call upon the fire to flare up. It's at this moment that we feel the collective consciousness shared by our forefathers from ancient times. This feeling restores our faith in humanity and gives us the strength to persevere on to a brighter tomorrow.

We clear our minds and souls of internal and external conflicts, our sole desire being to create a better world together in this moment. Tragedy surrounds us everywhere, in part because of humanity's materialistic desires. Is it not possible to have ambition yet maintain a sense of gratitude towards those who surround us? I entrust my project with this thought in mind.