Fauxliage: Disguised Cell Phone Towers of the American West
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Fauxliage documents the proliferation of disguised cell phone towers in the American West. By attempting to conceal an unsightly yet essential technology of the modern world, our landscapes are now sown with a quirky mosaic of masquerading palms, evergreens, flagpoles, crosses, and cacti. But the towers are simulacra. They are water towers that hold no water, windmills that provide no power, and trees that provide no oxygen; yet they all provide five bars of service.

The often-whimsical camouflage belies the cellular equipment's covert ability to collect all the personal data transmitted from our cell phones. Big tech and the government are always listening, storing, buying and selling our harvested information. Surveillance capitalism is big business.

The towers beg the question: how much of an ersatz landscape and manufactured nature are we willing to accept in exchange for connectivity?