To Those Who Come After
Project info

Concerned with cross-disciplinary issues of aesthetics, contemporary history, cultural & political geography, my recently completed Dresden project has given me the tools and confidence to continue efforts in a similarly ambitious new project in China generously funded by a 2008-09 John Simon Guggenheim Memorial Foundation Fellowship in Photography.

As an exhibiting participant in the 2nd Lianzhou International Photo Festival, I first visited China in 2006 and stayed in the nearby city of Guangzhou with contacts previously established through an academic colleague here in the States. My new Chinese friends, becoming familiar with my Dresden Project through this website, sensed a pronounced sympathetic tone in my work. They urged my return to Guangzhou at the earliest opportunity to document the gentrification systematically occurring in their neighborhoods and surrounding areas before this familiar way of life, existing culture, and extant historic architecture ultimately disappears.

Fieldwork in this rapidly changing city of 16 million has thus far taken place during two extended trips in late 2008 and mid 2009. Fully aware of the considerable, often monumental, efforts in China already published by Steven Benson, Edward Burtynsky, Sze Tsung Leong and others, by contrast, my most successful pictures continue to be those made in the nondescript, seemingly deserted back alleys of the city. A marked concern for the characteristically personal continues to evolve in my photography, driven as much by intuition and chance as by design.