Oil refineries in northern Syria
Project info

I made this work in october 2014, north east of Syria, between kurdish frontlines and so-called islamic states lines.
In this area ruined by the war, villagers only live from farming, and handmade oil refineries.
Working there you can find former teachers, workers, nurses, children under 10. Toxic smokes from the refineries are affecting the health of everyone around including the nearby villages. It's an ecological disaster. People are starting to develop cancers, lung and skin diseases. But they don't have a choice : it's wether dying of hunger or working there.
Petrol is brang from kurdish areas to here and bought by local businessmen who own the refineries. They hire worker for 10$ a day or less to work in it. Then they sell the mazout, benzin or gaz to kurdish areas, regime areas, sometimes even to the jihadists or abroad in Irak.
This is one example of the lucrative business that war can create, and of the resulting exploitation of human beings.