Man Lives Through Plutonium Blast
Project info

The images in the series, “Man Lives Through Plutonium Blast” are composed of bits and pieces of snapshot DNA: the discarded memories of others, rescued and combined into memories of my own making. This body of work started in 2011 as a personal project, a way of dealing with personal loss in a time of considerable change. It portrays an imaginary world not too unlike the world as one might have experienced it in the latter half of the twentieth century, a world in which the threat of nuclear war was singular and constant. In my lifetime, this threat has metastasized into a stampede of technical, cultural, and political anxieties and disruptions too numerous to list. At the same time, the differences between what is real and what is imagined have blurred and the definitions of reality and fantasy have become unhinged from rational debate and become matters of subjective opinion. While anchored in the vernacular past, my work explores these contemporary issues, along with the absurdities, ambiguities, and contradictions related to them.