Strangers in their home. A history of hope and faith.
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The courage and faith of Tibetan people caught my attention. In 1951 the People´s Republic of China invaded Tibet with the promise of leave the country once obtained the necessary resources for the New China´s economic development. 64 years later, despite the economic boom that has turned the country into one of the majors economic super powers, the situation has no changed too much.

Interestingly, the life of Tibetan people is able to move forward and the history and culture of the Himalayas is nowadays still present in an universally way. How is it possible? Is the respect for the values of Buddhism the ones that makes the Tibetan people able to forgive. People life is originated from their religious beliefs regardless of sex or age. Religion surrounded by people´s life. Their mood. Their hope or faith.

People in the pictures is not the center. Sometimes their are staring at the void. I guess the void represents that religious belief.