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Memory and how we mentally arrange what we have experienced imbues the series ‘Latitudes’ where the banality and ubiquity of the ‘snapshot’ is dissected and suspended. The stasis of the photographic medium echoes the environment where the artificial idyll is held in a parched alien stillness. The locations and subjects allow the viewer little of traditional insight, they languish in a pulsing heat. The architecture and foliage represents a shallow history and a lack of geographical specificity. There is a feeling that though equatorial, this could be anywhere, the peach tinted 'ideal' haven.

As a retoucher, augmenting is a common task, and often not one I enjoy. Here however, rather than working with a person or a commodity, the banal is made flawless. The images are subtly altered, smoothed; the horizon moved to exaggerate the compositional division and the simple drama of the subject. Each image is a composite of multiple photos, merging together carefully to incite a new realm. The viewer is manipulated, familiarity manufactured and desire created, a quest to re-imagine the dismissed or discrete.