California Dream
Project info

The Californian coastline is possibly one of the most visually referenced landscapes today, made familiar through photography, film and other tools of popular culture.

In this body of work I have attempted to achieve a further experience of this landscape while heavily referencing the past accepting my inability to escape my preconceptions. During the summer of 2013 I travelled extensively through California to make a body of images that would reflect an individual reaction to a place I have only dreamt of.

At different stages of this project I have used a combination of online digital mapping, video game technology, and traditional photographic techniques.

What attracted me to working in this way was the freedom to bend the laws of time and space, if only briefly, and create photographs before, during and after I was physically in these places. I could be sitting in my studio in London, and making images in LA at the same time. I could roam in a video game world, and return to the same sites I had photographed on my trip.

I believe this open approach allows me to take advantage of the democratisation of the photographic medium, while at the same time maintaining my own photographic language.