Close to Home
Project info

"Close to Home" involves exploring human commonalities and differences.

I’m interested in the perceptions that I might have (or my viewer might have) of the people I meet and photograph. Using photography, I look for ways to challenge the assumptions and stereotypes of our culture, my viewers, and myself.

Wherever I find myself, I am always looking. The people I photograph are people that, for one reason or another, I find attractive, odd, lonely, vulnerable, confident, lost… unique. I am interested in the social clues people give by the way they dress or adorn their bodies, their posture, the way they cut their hair, the skew of a hat, where they position themselves in a crowd, and where they are positioned in life.

This portfolio of images represents the 35mm side of my work, I regularly shoot in both 120mm and 35mm. Although I am more known for my square work, I feel this work is also valid.