Changing Landscapes
Project info

As an photographer/artist, my goal is to create expressive photographic images of beach environments. I am inspired to create images that appear fractured, into forming an image that express commotion. I am in search for a way to use landscape images to express my concern about how erosion is changing our coastlines due to manmade structures and strong storms.
While erosion is a natural process, man has contributed to hastening the process of erosion. Sea walls and jetties have been built to protect the coastline, but those structures have interfered with the natural process of erosion to our coastline. Strong storms, which continue to get stronger due to global warming, have changed our coastlines much more quickly than they have in the past. Just as erosion changes the coastlines, I change the way an environment appears in my images when I capture and overlap my images on negative film.
There are three pieces of equipment that I use to photograph landscapes. They are a Holga Camera, a Diana Lomography Multi Pinhole Camera, and a tripod. Both cameras use 120 medium format film. What I like about both of these cameras is that I can overlap my images on the film and I can control how much each image is overlapped. The Diana Lomography Multi Pinhole Camera lets me to, also, choose how many pinholes that I want to use when I take an image. There are one, two, and three pinholes to choose from. This lets me control the look of a pinhole image. The tripod is necessary in order to that an image with the Diana Lomography Multi Pinhole Camera because I control how long the shutter is open and the camera needs to be steady. When I use the Holga Camera, I hand hold the camera. This means that I can get different perspectives of my subject by using two different cameras.