Project info

This series plays with the human figure enveloped in sacred looking shrouds, evocative of religious iconography.

I wanted to depict the relationship between the human form and the liquid transparency of the drapery. To achieve this, the fabric itself was soaked in water to cling to the subject in a random fashion which revealed the figure only in part.

I was by inspired Giuseppe Sammartino's "Veiled Christ" and the mysterious x-ray quality of the Turin shroud, which I recently viewed a replica of in the Saint Sulpice Church in Paris next to my home. I was also keen to use several textures and flowers from the start and was also influenced by the dark romanticism of several paintings of Ophelia.

As the wet veil deformed the figure, I became fascinated by the abstract quality of certain parts of the photos. For example, how chest hair snared under the wet veiled fabric transformed into a delicate, intricate pattern like fine lace ( as seen in "Veiled Hands"). A projector was used in some of the images to provide an additional watery texture to evoke movement and abstracted forms. I then in-turn decided to mirror some of the images to abstract the series further and to deform the figure to become a part of a wider ethereal vision.