Antarctica - A Frozen Paradise
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My dream since I was a child was to travel to The Antarctic to see the glaciers. Last year the dream came true.
No amount of words will be able to describe just how you feel when you arrive in this pristine, quiet and expansive continent. This is why I love photography so much. I have a way of telling my story to others through my images, and when I cannot use words to describe what I have seen, I hope that my images will.
Most days the skies were grey and there is little colour in most of what you see, and when some colour appears, it seems to intensify. Grey, black and white seem to dominate on these overcast days and then you come across some of the icebergs which are the most amazing blue you will find. These are the contrasts I loved. Penguin beaks, researcher stations and clothing bring some life to the landscape which brings to mind a painters canvas which has been splattered with bright colours on a pure white background.
When the clouds cleared there was nothing but blue skies, blue water and sparking white land which seems to draw you into its beauty.
How could you not fall in love with something so raw in beauty.