Cases of Peculiar Events
Project info

Staged photography involves a performance enacted before the camera with scenarios directed by their maker. Since the mid '70s, the practicing of staged scenes set for the camera with dolls and objects has created images that refer to feministic matters and various aspects around human relationships.
The photographs of this collection which is called "Cases of Peculiar Events", have a humorous orientation and they reveal moments of the lives of their heroes, creating stories that unfold into an imaginary world where anything could occur. In combination with their captions that give "clear" explanations about what is happening, facts that are far away from any “serious” social place are being set, entangling rare coincidences that deconstruct in a humorous way the foretold practicing. This action attempts to deflate the seriousness and the demureness of sentiments, situations and circumstances.
Many of the props were crafted by the photographer, according to the needs of the "story" of each image.