bygone days...
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bygone days...

Not long ago, there have been approx. 20000 traditional corner pubs in Berlin. They functioned as social networks, for some people they were extensions of their living room, places where they would meet neighbours or family.

Today, more than half have vanished. The few that are left, seem like relics from a bygone era, in which a touch of sadness and melancholy is immanent.

For me, corner pubs invoke memories of the days when I went there with my granddad after shopping.
These are pleasant memories. Rooms covered in dark wood, the sun shining through the windows and being refracted by thick fog of cigarette smoke. There was beer and meatball for my grandpa , lemonade and chocolate for me.

This project is a view into the past interconnecting with the present. I wanted to approach the people who go to those pubs today and capture the special atmosphere of these places.