Life Model Chairs, From Provenance Unknown
Project info

Model's Chairs is from Providence Unknown and is part of a large body of work that question issues of value, providence, authorship and the structures in place for the teaching of art. I have been student of, and have been teaching in an art institution for many years and have witnessed the teaching of art evolve into an elaborate system that sustains the institutional values as it guides young artists through their development.

Model’s Chairs is a work in progress explore the construct of the traditional teaching of art. This work explore the sets and objects in the Drawing and Painting prop closest at OCAD University. Many of the objects I am working with have been in this closet since I was a student at the university. Soon this resource will be going through a scaling back under pressures for space in the facility and as the institution further embraces the digital age. This series of work will allude to the archive, the object, and the referencing the staging of still life with in a learning process.