Project info

The Japanese use words such as shibui, wabi and sabi, to refer to a particular aesthetic of simple, subtle and unobtrusive beauty.

Tokyo is an ordinary and extraordinary place. What l have tried to focus on is the 'theatre of the ordinary', i.e. the everyday, the plain, the natural, the simple and the normal which is neither perfect nor imperfect, yet forms the orchestral elements of the everyday theatre of life.

The Tokyo mega metropolis has a unique influence on the visitor. First there is a lack of eye contact in public which makes you feel invisible; then there is the sound of silence, and finally there is an abiding sense of space on all levels - (mental, physical and spiritual) .

I realised that if l could work with all these aspects, l could quietly and almost invisibly move through space in a meditative way, and intuitively photograph what l felt to be shibui.

Breathing, walking, standing, seeing, glancing. I just photograph, letting go of thought. There is no thinking about it; it is a feeling, a fleeting moment never to be repeated.

This moving meditation continues into the darkroom. The subject becomes the object then the object becomes the subject, allowing enough space for the outcome to choose itself, compose its own slight irregularities by chance and not deliberation. Yet at the same time I am there, maintaining a feeling of empathy and respect for subject and object.

This is the foundation of my exploration of non duality - finding my singular presence through shooting. Repeated in the darkroom .

Street photography like the darkroom is a dance of discovery. The images selected are a collection of glances that try to understand Shibui - The Beauty That Is, Tokyo for me