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Tunadalshamnen was Sweden's first steam mill. It had a combined flour and sawmill, which originally was its main activity. It was built in Tunadal near Sundsvall in the north of the country, opening in 1849.

Since Sundsvall was founded, shipping has been an important industry for the city, especially before the railway's arrival. The first hundred years, Sundsvall was primarily a fishing town but when steam saw mills and later the pulp mills grew, products from these constituted the greater part of the cargo going out of the city’s port.

In recent years, after the coordination with the municipal port management, the companies Sundsvall Hamn AB and SCA Trans-forest AB gained control over the two harbours in Sundsvall. The larger of the two is in the site of the ancient steam mill. Tunadalshamnen has three wharfs that can accommodate ships with a draft of up to 12 meters.

The port is one of the biggest employers in the region with a large number of the people from the surrounding communities working there. SCA produces paper for packaging and printing, pulp and solid-wood products. The company also supplies the Swedish industries with raw wood materials, all shipped from this harbour.

This work was made over a period of time with slower activity in the port due to the decreasing in demand of paper related goods from the international markets. The economic downturn is expected to be over by the time the new container port opens in 2020.