Blind Colours
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We all talk about things we have never seen or experienced but we know through what we have been told, things that are hidden to our senses but we believe they exist. Similarly, a blind person knows the colors despite never has seen them.
Blind Colors revolves around one question: How does someone blind from birth interpret the colors?
After having conducted a series of interviews in which the blind were asked about the feelings they have when speaking of colors, we looked for spaces or places that describe the color explained by each of them. In the majority of cases that color does not exist in the photographed scene. And normally does not exist because their color interpretation does not correspond with the way of life of people who can see. It is based on another type of perceptions, whether through the other senses or of definitions and sensations that they
have been or lived.
The color range is transformed in this way in a range of experiences that allow communication between the blind and the sighted, in a world where the color has a fundamental importance.
"For living is not necessary to see, just feel."
Alberto Guinea, project participant.