Project info

This is a project that asks a question of how the obvious is altered. The illusion of what we see can easily be distorted or transformed according to the real inner self. What lies beneath the surface of our outer shell and behind what we consider clear?
The disillusion caused by a transparency can be an inclination and consequently a means to overestimation or underestimation of any kind of data. Transparency challenges the Unexpected. It breaks the protocols of the standard norms, luring Obviousness into new assumptions and claims.
Even though transparency reinforces a system of receptiveness, it may stumble on cultural limitations, that breed secrecy, or issues of trust. Depending on its strength, our self –ego can be the main barrier towards openness and / or adjustability. In a kind of uncanny way, we allow it to designate and draw paths into voluntary exposures, regardless of consciousness. The final “image” does not meet penances. But, within our self ego’s reference, lies a degree of influence depending on the “background” we are called to stand in front of, potential situations or circumstances, and the adaptability of our individual personality.