Nameless Mental Patients In China
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More than 80 mental patients, most of them losing their names, live in the eighth people's hospital of Zhengzhou, He Nan province of China. These patients have no idea about who they are or where are they from. For recognition purpose, nurses have allotted identification number to the patients since 2014, from number 1 to number 465.

Most of the homeless patients were found by the police or citizen, and sent to the welfare hospital, where provides them with free treatment and accommodation. After treatment, some patients could recall the essential information of their family, and went back home.

According to the data from national center for mental health of China CDC in 2010, the number of people with mental disorders has reached 100 million, while 16 million of them suffering serious mental psychological disorders. Additionally, at least 5.1 million people have registered for their severe mental problem in China.