The Americas
Project info

When I was a kid, we studied geography, mostly Spain but also the rest of the world. I used to play with my world ball and try to "land" into different places. But I was always somehow fascinated by the vast America. Maybe from the movies about indians and cowboys, maybe from the shinning lights and skyscarppers, maybe from the old westerns or ideal road trips.
That's what I wanted to do, discover this promised land, its vast fields, stunning mountains, ghost cities and contrasts. Beacuse America is all you've seen in the movies, but much more. Solitude and multitude. Rich and poor. Nature and concrete.
In this roadtrip i want to share my personal view of this land of contrasts. From the natural wonders of the mountains to the dry canyonlands. But also the old falling apart areas which to me, are the most authentic landscape.