Empire State of Mind
Project info

When I first visited New York, 10 years ago, I found myself in a city of lights, shinny pretty people, and glamour, like if I was living on a fancy movie. It was back then when I promised myself I was going to be part of this city some day. Since then, I visited the city several times until I finally moved here more than a year ago. But the Real New York City that I am discovering is far from that first experience under the shining lights of Times Square.

New York is a city of contrasts. Five boroughs are condemned to get along together and are constantly being shadowed by the collective imagination of the glamorous city of 5th Avenue, the lights, the success, and the movies.
Far from this perception, the city of New York unveils a universe that ranges from beauty to the darkest side. This project explores the aesthetic face of the real city, where the glitter and glamour have vanished long ago and a reality of huge contradictions - poverty, garbage - and singularity emerges.
This series of pictures is my personal vision of New York. Far from being the nice shining city that we used to see in the movies, but surprising and intense in every corner.