Project info

DANS TES RÊVES is a a series of self-portraits, taken before a 6 months journey to Berlin. As I left home, there was a clear probability for me to stay living in the german capital.

I come from a small city in the center of a small country. Sometimes, I dream of "escaping" to a big town. At the moment I took those pictures, the question of leaving was guiding my steps.

Serge Tisseron said , "(...) the image of yourself can be sometimes the refuge of a reassuring familiarity and sometimes a place where to find a "worrying strangeness" ". Photography is all about ambiguity, balance.

Questioning my own singularity (related to our origines and where we live), inspired by the work of the romantic painter Caspar David Friedrich, I went for answers, lonely in the night.

Self-portraits are strange (but still) portraits, where the observer put himself in the frame. Here I did it twice. First physically, and second using the landscape as a metaphor of my inner self and my status: one of those living in these sceneries.

My identity is not revealed directly, you'll never see my face as we expect from classical portraits, everything is in fact very symbolic. It makes my very own preoccupation a part of the global concernes: as more than the half of the world's population live in cities nowadays, what does it means to "dwell in the margin" , far from what we consider as centers, those places to be ? What is the origin of this "hyper-modern" feeling ?

The answer is unclear, in suspension, full of both nostalgia and the horizon of possibilities.

The result are "anti-selfie" images. They are complex pictures, willing to keep a part of mystery, playing the funanbule, walking on a string with dreams in one side, and destiny in the other.

SEE ALSO: https://vimeo.com/105854861