Urban Transformation and Otherization
Project info

This body of work concentrates on destruction of houses (or lives) under the program called "Urban Transformation". This causes otherization in socieaty at the end. That problem occurs similarly all around the world. It is a kind of transformation of human being behaviours, socialisation, collectivism. Finally, people left behind their lives, move to suburban areas, and being lack of fundamental needs such as clean water, energy, foods, etc.

"Evictions are about more than property; they interrupt the entire life, education, employment and progress of a family, possibly irreparably, and hasten the decline of the Roma people. Evictions must be viewed and addressed in this light." (a report by the Open Society Foundation, 2012)

"In Turkey, the problem of housing is among the foremost of the challenges that are encountered by low-income households. While increasing poverty
in urbanized areas makes it impossible for impoverished households to own a house, low-income households that in previous periods settled in shantytowns are now facing the threat of displacement as a result of the policies of so-called urban transformation. Urban transformation, let alone creating solutions for low-income segments of the population, is currently giving rise to a problem of housing." (Turkish Policy Quarterly, Winter 2015)

"...One of the main problem about urban regeneration process is most of the projects are just based on profitability. Instead of that, professional associations, non-governmental organizations, the inhabitants and sociologists must participate in the process in order to meet the social and economic needs of the squatters. Because significant portion of the inhabitants of the squatters are aggrieved by the implementation of Urban Regeneration Project's. They couldn’t afford the payments of new apartments or they just couldn’t adapt to the new life style..." (Urban Renewal Process of Turkey, Stockholm Royal Institute of Technology, 2013)