Project info

I write popular blog about mountains and hiking is a part of my life. This story is about the wildest places in Europe, which I select reading what people write about it in internet and then I decided to explore it myself.
It took me over year. 2000 km on feets, 4 months with tent, 20 kg in the backpack.
I love the very slow process of traveling, I love to sleep in the Nature (in the tent or without, under the stars). I love to be alone. I am selfish. Wilderness which I dream about is not only for biodiversity and landscape. I need it for my mental health.
Wandering through desolated areas is like meditation. It is nothing new, by centuries people were going to the desert to think, to pray, to get better. Our world is very crwoded now. Sciencist talk about anthropocene, wilde areas are rare and shinking. Many people think that we lost out chance for solitude but it is not true. I believe we are still part of nature and I try to show it, not because it is interesting but because it can change life. Is like medicine. Life is in fact very simple. We need little and the most important are still Good and Beauty. It is not difficult to find both in many places in Europe. In my work I did not want to produce pretty pictures (it is already enough). Instead I try to show my realation to the nature which I think is universal.
Beauty is a part of this story. In the Nature we dive into beauty, of course there is also cold, hunger, loneliness, but there is beauty too. I am not hunting for it. I do not select places where I go thinking about pretty pictures, I do not wait for better conditions or light, but my mental process to be open to every kind of beauty is important and I appreciate it. In last years art was more focused on ugly, beauty was considered as common, well known, to easy- but it is in fact very rare and extremally hard to create in enviroment. That is why I show it and why I try to absorb as much as I can. I would be impossible being a tourist, so I live like a hermit, Simple with small expectations and little things.
It is 100% photographic work, created in camera, not manipulated, not composed. I made it very simple- long exposures and running fast (across snow and rocks) to be just part of the time in the frame. I want to be transparent. Nature is eternal- we are temporary, not so important at all.
"Wilderness" got 2 nomenee in FAPA 2016, was awarded in ND awards 2015 (bronze), got honorable mention in LICC and IPOTY, was published in Fotoblogia (http://fotoblogia.pl/8752,gorskie-widoki-kasi-nizinkiewicz-do-autoryzacji-nie-publikowac), Szeroki Kadr (https://www.szerokikadr.pl/inspiracje/kasia-nizinkiewicz) and in printed version in Magazyn Kontynenty. Some photographs from that serie were published in Magazyn Gory (October 2016).

I want to print a book, and at the moment I work on text.