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Stretched out in the middle of the holy Brahmaputra River, which flows through the north-eastern Indian state of Assam, Majuli is the world’s largest inhabited river island.

Today, 160.000 people are living on this unique piece of land, which is 560km wide. As baptized by its own prime minister, this unique environment is “the religious and cultural heart of Assam”, home for centuries of monasteries and traditions related to a particular branch of Hinduism.

The effect of global climate change has reinforced the impact of monsoon rains and has increased dramatically the floods in this part of Asia, slowly but drastically putting Majuli on the edge of oblivion.

Despite that harsh reality, the year I’ve lived there is probably the most happy of my life. The kindness, the raw and sincere ways that the people of Majuli live their life, the relationship they have with the nature around them, the wild beauty of that nature, all of that is simply astonishing.

The photographs I took there are the testimony of that incredible bound we had.