Snow falling soon
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Snow falling soon
(we have to find the way back home)

About the piece:

When we think of identity there isn't a clear, unique picture of ourselves. It is as if we were made of layers: what we were given to start with; what we have inherited; what we have added and what we have changed.
It's almost impossible to explain who we are without saying what we are, and who we are made of.

This piece of work is a collaboration between choreographer Neus Gil Cortes and internationally renowned visual artist Nieves Mingueza. The pair have been working together for five months, Dance Springs being their first collaborative project. Both Neus (Catalan) and Nieves (Spanish) mean snow, the starting title of this piece.

* Choreography and dance: Neus Gil Cortés
* Visual Artist: Nieves Mingueza
* Music:
Snowfall soon- Piano Magic
Double Dolphins On the Nickel- Mice Parade
Heart 12- Kristina Pulejkova and Glen Johnson
Edge of Life- Tullia Benedicta