1211 Squadron
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The British uniform has never been so controversial since the troubles in Northern Ireland in the 70s and 80s. In contemporary Briton the British military uniform can conjure a married of emotions from pride, offence to outright anger. It is becoming increasingly more common for military personal, to be warned about wearing their uniforms in the public domain.

I have always found uniforms a fascinating subject, furthermore what uniforms can mean or portray to certain people or nations. For example the red coats to the Americans or the uniform of the Nazi party in the Second World War.

I am interested in how uniforms are used in our everyday environment. Such as the schools uniform and how that is used to prepare us to conform for the work environment. Furthermore how a uniform works on our physic as an individual and how that can affect our behaviour as a group.

In this series of photographs we can observe the individuals vulnerability. In these portraits we can detect an inner awkwardness and a helplessness of adolescents. Each portrait shows a sensitivity of expression, which could be concealed behind the uniform if the subjects were all photographed as a group.