Project info

"Because when you live in the barrio, you belong to barrio forever."

A barrio in LatinAmerica is considered any suburb or popular neighborhood. When I use the term barrio, for example with my ongoing project LIFE IN THE BARRIO, I mean not a unique neighborhood, but any place we can consider as barrio. I live for 6 years in a barrio of Mexico City and I realized that, first of all ,the barrio can be a state of mind, an attitude. In the barrio there are particular codes you need to know.

Where I live there is a saying: “if you lived in a barrio, you are from the barrio forever” and I think is true, because to live in a barrio is something different and in a certain sense it transforms you, converting you in a different individual. With this approach I try to make my photography, trying to capture the essence of Real Mexico, not the usual one you can see in Downtown, often too much similar to other cities in the world. To make photography in the barrio seriously you need to have balls, and not appearing as a photographer.