The Real Edges (Bosnia)
Project info

In 1992, while visiting the besieged Sarajevo, the French president François Mitterrand said to the population:
« Time should be allowed to play its part ».
20 years after the end of war in Bosnia, time still takes his time to play its part.
The country seems frozen in an endless post-war time. If a visible part of the territory is rebuilt, his identity
is dissolved in a generalized disillusionment.
Having talk with local youngsters (Bosnians, Croatians and Serbians), we guess that no one is really proud of
his country. No one claims to its existence nor make plans for the future.
Bosnia does not exist.
Since the war trauma, the country is knocked unconscious.
« The real edges » go trough this evanescent territory and try to sketch its outlines.
More than a landscape inventory, it’s time inventory.
This “peace” time is first and foremost a post-war time. Though everyone knows when this “post” started,
who can tell when it stops?
The Bosnian territory seems to have vanished in a time warp who look like the Dayton Agreement borderline.
A cut in the country’s body. A twenty years abyssal night.
Under a watchful eye, the photo project tries to reanimate this unconscious body.
This is a sleepwalker vagrancy, rocked by this constant question
« Is there an end at the end of war ? ».