If Only These Walls
Project info

If only these walls is a series which explores the ideas of both symbolism and concealment and how these combine to give substance to notions of identity.

The works use the premise that the fundamental nature of wallpaper is , and always has been, to conceal and to create a facade, to cover vulnerabilities, to create a layer between truth and pretense - and in so doing to project and reflect something of a personal identity.
The series is set within derelict and abandoned walls, which over a lifetime have concealed and portrayed identities, but where through physical dereliction now illustrate how temporary and fragile the facade and identity really were, being swept aside to reflect a new, fragile truth.

Thereafter each wall is suffused with a series of objects, representative of wider subjects, which each have a diminishing symbolism themselves. The combined wall and subject project a new, flawed identity, which simultaneously combines elements of their past but also elicit reflection on their purpose and connection to us now, and return to the notion of how symbolism and concealment give a less than permanent sense of identity.