Project info

Stabat Mater is an ode to our mothers. For this work, I am photographing mothers in their intimate space giving importance to body language.

Noemie, about her mother :

« I wish I could have been able to release her from her life, she was so naive, so ill-adapted to our society. I feel old and heavy facing her fragility, to which I still don't know how to answer, exept with clumsiness and abruptness, uncomfortable with tenderness. We haven't have time to discover who we are that years are already gone, body dries up, deforms and sometimes lets us down. Tears are coming in front of my inability to protect her from pain, as I still feel like a child, looking for a peaceful caress. The mother's fragility forces us into building stronger defences but makes us, makes me unable to offer her my hand, or even show her my love without shame. We are scared to break apart and decline with guilt and regrets, to admit our humanity. I gradually understand that growing up is about getting rid of our fears and accepting that our parents are growing old, and then welcoming them close to us, like a handover, to now reassure them face the passing of time. »

Text by Noémie Fy translated from french by Léa Coffineau