Splendor in the Glass
Project info

Over a decade of exploring the many facets of self portraiture has led to many discoveries. In depth studies of reflection on a multitude of surfaces, engaging different light, seasons, environments, always searching to not only explore, but to define in the most truthful way my core energy, my gifts, my faults, my quirks, my uniqueness, what makes me who I am. Constantly evolving, never the same, as different as the moment.

This series explores texture. Bridging old technologies, making emulsions, printing from negatives and varieties of paper with the ideologies of the digital word and “Photoshop”. I have chosen to not utilize these technologies but to employ my knowledge of reflection and how to use my tool, my Leica, to achieve layers and abstraction through the lens. With my camera I define the many textures of my genealogy and how they weave together to create my persona.