Made in in Italy
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Dreams and daily lives of the young Chinese generation in Italy. As children of the wave of Chinese migration to Italy in the 1990s, many young Chinese-Italians now search for an identity that acknowledges their traditional family background and their future in Italy -- a country in which they were born and raised. Others are young travellers from China who have chosen to settle in Florence, Rome, and Milan to pursue their dreams of becoming artists, singers, and fashion designers in the Italian mould.

In the background, a drama plays out. The Chinese community in Italy is still labelled as obscure, unknown, and controversial and has become renowned for issues surrounding illegal labour and counterfeit ‘Made in Italy’ luxury goods.

Made in Italy explores this delicate love-and-hate relationship between the Chinese and Italian communities through the faces and experiences of the young Chinese living in Italy.

The product of a long-term documentary work, Made in Italy has been published in several Italian magazines such as A, L'Espresso and IoDonna. In September 2015 it was shortlisted for the Marco Pesaresi Award at the SI FEST in Savignano sul Rubicone, Italy.