Portfolio Category - LCEA 2013
Project info

For over a decade I have investigated an Arabic culture that I am passionate about.
For this current project, Mectoub, my interest lies in men, particularly the young urban generation, who since spring 2011 have been widely calling for more individual freedom. Through my stance as a foreign woman I engage them to reveal the innermost aspects of their personality, their sensitivity, their fragility or their sensuality.
In the various Moroccan or Egyptian towns where I have worked since 2012, I pick out places as backdrops against which male strangers, willing to go with the flow, accept to pose for me. In the public sphere, men only have the freedom to look and to observe openly, reversing the roles is my challenge. I approach them by chance, by instinct and ask to take their picture. I take them aside to confront them intimately, so that they feel relaxed and free to express themselves. My aim is that they engage without any taboos, with great freedom, liberated from any social pressure which imposes a role upon them. In countries where freedom is hidden, being oneself is an act of rebellion. I have chosen to offer these young men the opportunity to thwart accepted stereotypes, to turn convictions upside down, exposing themselves as they are.
My project focuses on unveiling men, in countries where the problem is often, and for good reason, unveiling women.
Turning the tables wich we are usually witness in the Art History, of men portaying women, is the other face of "Mectoub" .