Diyarbakir, Newroz under pressure
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21 of march marks each year the celebration of Newroz for Kurds all over the worlds. Newroz is a symbol of the resistance against the oppression of a tyran.
This symbolism gets even more meaning regarding the current situation of kurdish people in Turkey. In north Kurdistan, south east of Turkey, entire neighborhoods are under curfew and under attack by the turkish state since december 2015. Turkish is claiming to fight against kurdish rebels who declared autonomy in the neighborhoods. This rebels are the youth generation born and grow in the chaos of the 90s civil war, when people were forced to leave their village, and militants as well as civilians executed by special police forces. These young people organised themselves under the same of YPS and are backed and trained by experimented pkk fighters. They're following the principles and goals of the kurdish liberation movement PKK, in a will to get autonomy and freedom for their people. The same police that killed in the past is killing again today, this time in the heart of cities.
In Diyarbakir, capital of Kurdistan, the neighborhood of Sur was under curfew for almost four months. Today,part of it is still forbidden for the population, and the open streets are almost empty. 5000 families were displaced, and about 200 people, most of them civilians, died. Families are still waiting for the bodies of their relative who have been killed. Some children lost in the chaos of the fight were also put by force into orphanages.
Despite the tireness, despite the fear for attacks by the police like it happened in other cities, or suicide bombing by isis islamist groups, people gathered on the 21 of march to celebrate Newroz and reaffirm their willingness to resist.